3 Coolest Hidden Gems on Jekyll Island

The islands off the coast of Georgia are charming, gorgeous, and full of hidden treasures. You won’t come away with a chest of gold doubloons after you visit Jekyll Island, but it’s one of the most interesting of the Golden Islands, so what you leave with is more valuable than all the bullion in the world. Where else in the world will you find a hotspot that goes by Boneyard Beach?

Lose Yourself in the Landscape at Driftwood Beach

There’s a reason that Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach is also known as Boneyard Beach. Due to erosion from the ocean, fallen trees litter the beach, and the wood is bleached to the color of bone from the salt water and the sun. Not only are whole pieces of driftwood perfectly preserved, but entire trees are frozen in time. Some of them still spring up from the sand, but others are halfway buried and peek out of the ground like old bones.

You can’t beat the photo ops on the beach, particular at sunset as dusk paints the sky. There’s a one-of-a-kind brand of spooky romance that encapsulates the beach. You walk along the shore, and it feels like almost anything could happen. You could even find yourself weaving your own ghost story.

Raise a Glass to Horton House

Horton House is one of the oldest buildings on Jekyll Island that still stands. In spite of repeated attacks from the Spanish, who disapproved of the English’s antics on the island, Horton House and the bulk of its brewery remain as a nod to what once was. That’s partly because both structures were originally constructed with tabby, a popular Georgian building material made of burnt oyster shells mixed with water and sand.

In addition to the house and the ruins of its¬†brewery, there’s also a cemetery on the property. Obviously, Horton House is no longer open for business. However, its history, the uniqueness of its construction, and the stories revealed on the tombstones in the graveyard keep people thronging to the site. Use Hotel Planner to search for Jekyll Island hotels near Horton House to share your vacation with a few haunted apparitions.

Get Interactive at Tidelands Nature Center

To get to know a bit more about the creatures that inhabit and surround Jekyll Island, a visit to Tidelands Nature Center is a must. The interactive center is well-suited for children, who will love the hands-on activities designed specifically for them, but adults will delight in everything they do and learn as well.

The center is home to a selection of local sea animals, which you can get to know through various exhibits. You can also go on a kayaking tour to learn more about the area’s marine life. Nature walks present an entertaining way to enjoy some activity while learning about flora and fauna native to both Jekyll Island and Georgia as a whole. If you like, you can even take part in a program that identifies the region’s local fish.

The very name of Jekyll Island suggests intrigue and mystery. Don’t you want to discover what’s hiding there?